Old Fashioned Retro Sweet Wicker Basket

Old Fashioned Retro Sweet Wicker Basket
Our Price: 32.95
Weight: 2500g

A collection of childhood sweets in a beautiful quality dark wicker hamper with leather strap fastener.
A fantastic gift!!

All our hampers are made up immediately before dispatch and sweets are sealed in crystal clear bags to ensure they reach you in perfect condition.

125g Candy Sticks (aka Sweet Cigerettes without the red end)
125g Sherbet Pips
125g Lions Midget Gems
125g Torpedo's
125g Lemon Bon Bon's
125g Rainbow Crystals (Kali)
125g Sour Apples
125g Yorkshire Mixture
125g Jelly Babies
10 x Flying Saucers
5 x Refresher Chews
5 x Black Jacks
5 x Fruit Salads
Anglo Bubbly
5 x Bumper Bananas
5 x Shrimps
Popping Candy
Sherbet Fountain
Tooty Frooties
Tube of Love Hearts
Tube of Refreshers
Finger of Fudge
Cadbury's Freddo
Double Lolly
Curly Wurly
2 x Bassetti Liquorice Sticks
Traffic Light Lollipop
White Mice Bar
Pack of 6 x Catherine Wheels

If you would like to change any of the 125g bags of weighout sweets in this hamper, please let us know, it is not a problem!

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