The Large Sweetie Jar

The Large Sweetie Jar
Our Price: 19.95
Weight: 1700g

People come into our shop saying they would love the "whole jar of sweets"

Here it is, your wish come true!
A Large Sweetie Jar full of sweet favourites. The sweets are sealed in crystal clear bags to keep them fresh.

The jar contains:
100g Rhubarb & Custard
100g Strawberry Bon Bons
100g Lion's Fruit Salad
100g Chocolate Eclairs
100g ABC Alphabets
100g Chocolate Nibbles
100g Sherbet Lemons
100g Chocolate Fruits
10 x Flying Saucers
5 x Mallow Cables (aka flumps)
White Mice Bar
Sherbet Fountain
Cadbury's Dairy Milk
Milk Chews
Popping Candy( aka space dust)
Rainbow Drops
Cadbury Finger of Fudge
Tube of Love Hearts
Tube of Refreshers
Packet of Tooty Frooties
Packet of Jelly Tots
Double Lolly
Packet of Maltesers
Double Dip
Cadbury's Freddo

It is a full size sweet jar. Full top to bottom with sweets and chocolate. The Jar will be trimmed wth a big bow!
If you would like to choose your own 100g bags of sweets, just let us know. It's no problem.

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