The Grand Retro Sweet Hamper

The Grand Retro Sweet Hamper
Our Price: 42.90
Weight: 4000g


Great for sharing!
Great for parties!
Great Fun!

A boxed hamper absolutely full to the brim and we mean full! Take a bag out and you find another layer covering the bottom of the box. All those childhood favourites will go down well with everyone!!! There are 50 different sweets in this box. Plenty to share!!!

Lining the bottom of the box:
125g Torpedoes
125g Sherbet Pips
125g Rhubarb & Custard
125g Aniseed Balls
Pack of 6 x Catherine Wheels
10 x Black Jacks
10 x Fruit Salad Chews
10 x Refresher Chews
Anglo Bubbly

Top Layer:
125g Coconut Mushrooms
125g Candy Sticks
125g Chocolate Eclairs
125g Dolly Mixture
125g Original Dusted Milk Bottles
125g Jazzies
125g Strawberry Bon Bons
125g Chocolate Limes
125g ABC Alphabets
125g Spearmint Chews
125g Cola Cubes
125g Lion's Wine Gums
125g Sherbet Lemons
10 x Shrimps
5 x Bumper Sweet Bananas
10 x Flying Saucers
5 x Flumps
2 x Dip Dabs
2 x Fizz Whiz
Candy Necklace
Double Dip
Packet of Tooty Frooties
Packet of Jelly Tots
Sherbet Fountain
Tube of Love Hearts
Tube of Refreshers 
White Mice Bar
Double Lollipop
Cadbury's Chomp
Curly Wurly
Small Cadbury's Dairy Milk Bar
Bar of Soft Pink & White Nougat
Cadbury Finger of Fudge
Cadbury's Freddo
Rainbow Drops
Traffic Light Lollipop
Strawberry Flyer
Liquorice Flyer


If you would like to swop your 125g bags of sweets for some others, NO PROBLEM, just let us know.

Box designs vary. If you state that the gift is for a male or female we will choose appropriately.
The picture shows the box open, this is for display purposes only, to show you the contents. The box will be closed and there will be a big bow on top of the lid.
The box size is: 32cm x 22cm x 14cm and it is full of sweets, nothing else!!

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