Featured Products From Our Retro Sweet Shop

Brandy Snaps
Our Price: 2.50
The Famous original Wrights Brandy Snaps. 1 bag for £2...
Floral Gums
Our Price: 2.40
Scented gum sweets ...

Honey Liquorice
Our Price: 3.50
A lovely soft, slightly chewy sweet Liquorice Made with 8% real Honey A traditional Dutch liquoirce Suitable for Vegetarians  Ingre...
Liquorice Satins
Our Price: 2.20
A Traditional Fruity Bolied sweet with a liquorice treat centre Ingredients...

Sugar Free, Chocolate Raisins
Our Price: 4.50
Milk chocolate raisins with no added sugar. Made with the highest quality Belgian chocolate. Ingredients: Raisins ...
Caramac Bar
Our Price: 0.65
The original Caramac! A delicious caramal flavoured bar. 1 bar for 65p ...

Mini Retro Sweet Jar
Our Price: 5.95
A little jar of childhood memories! A clear plastic airtight jar filled up with the following goodies: ...
Peanut Brittle
Our Price: 2.00
Roasted peanuts in a brittle toffee ...

Traffic Light Lollipops
Our Price: 1.00
This is the good old fashioned favourite Do you remember the lolly that changes colour ...
RJ's Liquorice Choc Log
Our Price: 1.00
A solid piece of milk chocolate, surrounded by RJ's New Zealand natural soft liquorice. Best Seller! ...

Retro Sweets from The Traditional Sweet Shop

A very warm welcome to The Traditional Sweet Shop

Enjoy yourself as you take a trip down memory lane. Our Sweet Shop is full of nostalgia, full of memories and very very full of ....

"Sweets you remember and sweets you thought you had forgotten"

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